New phytase now authorised for ducks

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New phytase now authorised for ducks

At the EU Standing Committee meeting on 22nd October 2007, the European Commission granted DSM Nutritional Products an extension to the approval given to its phytase feed enzyme, RONOZYME® P, for ducks.

RONOZYME® P, in granulate and liquid form, has been approved for salmonids, broiler, layer, turkey, duck, sow, piglets and fattening pigs. The large spectrum of EU authorisations is of major added-value for multi-species feed factories. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed the efficacy and the safety of the RONOZYME® P for ducks.
RONOZYME® P5000 (CT) is, according to the company, the most heat stable phytase granulate product for feed. It is dust-free and free-flowing to ensure safety and good handling properties. The product is the best in class in respect to particle size, which allows very good mixing properties in all premixes and feed. Physical properties, coupled with proven thermo-stability characteristics, have been maintained, which allow it to be used successfully at high feed processing temperatures (90-95°C).
These characteristics ensure consistent delivery of phytase to the animals. For the best economic returns, DSM recommends using RONOZYME® P 5000 in diets for ducks at a level of 150 g/tonne.
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