New poultry house lining material launched

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New poultry house lining material launched

A durable radiant barrier developed specifically to provide a lining material for improving the environment inside poultry houses is now being introduced to countries around the world.

The Valéron AVA laminate has two highly reflective aluminium surfaces which optimises energy usage, helping to keep poultry cool in hot climates and conserving heat in colder zones.

“The first installations are achieving results,” says Allan Meldrum, director of Food Chain Innovation, which is supplying the product globally. “The initial UK results from an Essex broiler farm during the recent hard winter showed a 24% gas saving, improved weight gain of 4.4 grams a day and enhanced litter quality with 29% less being used.”

At this farm the walls and ceiling were lined with Valéron AVA, the tough, smooth aluminium laminate which is easy to sanitise.  The material is manufactured in the UK and Belgium by Valéron Strength Films to seal units from air leakage and moisture, and enhance climate control and airflow.

In hot climates the heat reflecting properties of the lining are achieving very significant temperature decreases and also enhancing bird performance through improved airflow and ventilation, according to Meldrum.  

Meldrum says the product is now being introduced both to renovate older buildings and for new state-of-the-art housing where it is particularly easy to install.

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