New probiotic approved for UK and European laying hens

22-04-2011 | | |

The EU has approved a new probiotic feed supplement from Biotal, part of the Lallemand group.

The product (Bactocell) contains a specific strain of the bacterium Pediococcus acidilactici, which has several beneficial modes of action in the gut, according to Louis Hurdidge, monogastric business manager with Biotal.

“The bacterial strain in Bactocell works by competitively excluding undesirable flora in the gut such as streptococcus, salmonella and E coli. It positively protects the gut wall from damage and increases intestinal villi length. Together these effects lead to increases feed digestion and absorption.”

Hurdidge explains that Bactocell improves feed conversion by improving the digestibility of fats, starch and calcium in the diet, while the production of lactic acid lowers the intestinal pH and so reduces the pathogenic challenge in the gut.

“The results of extensive trials show that Bactocell positively influences feed conversion, reducing feed requirement by 1.32kg/hen/year. It has a positive effect on all the major parameters of egg production including egg weight and shell strength. It also results in more vigorous, better feathered birds with reduced mortality.”

Bactocell is available for use either in manufactured feed as a concentrated product, or for home mixing as a premix in a more diluted form at 1 kg per tonne inclusion.

Source: Biotal