New pullet house proves importance of environment management

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New pullet house proves importance of environment management

A brand new pullet rearing house is demonstrating how technology is an increasing ally to the modern poultry farmer, with an automated environment management system from Hydor.


Stuart Casely recently produced the first batch of pullets from his new rearing house. UK based Hydor provided the complete ventilation system, including Agri-Jet fan units and TPI inlets, both equipped with high efficiency light filters to give excellent control of the internal house lighting.  Precision controlled inlets, linked to a Rotem Platinum computer, enables precise environment management and allows full  dawn-to-dusk lighting control to manage bird development closely, whilst the integrated weighing system allows precise control of bird weights.

An example of Stuart’s fresh approach to pullet rearing was the use of LED rope lighting attached to the drinkers. Hydor provided the lighting system which encourages water intake to help improve the early brooding of the chicks.
The first flock of pullets is now in-lay and Stuart comments; “Feedback from the farmer indicates that the birds are much more active and have settled into their new housing very well. I think the dawn-to-dusk lighting and slatted perch areas trained the birds well during the rearing phase.”

“Good hens come from good pullets” says Stuart, “…minimising stress during rearing is critical to success. We have good quality housing and the farm is managed by a close-knit team of long-term employees. These are the things that create a successful business”.

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