New single poultry manure belt system

09-07-2009 | | |

With the new single manure belt system of Jansen Poultry Equipment, a poultry house can be cleaned quickly and easily.

In order to clean poultry houses efficiently, Jansen Poultry Equipment has developed the SMB (single manure belt system). The manure belt of the SMB system can be rolled up at one end, which is not possible with traditional manure belts. Once the manure belt has been rolled up it is very easy to clean the surface which was previously hidden by the manure belt.

How does the belt wok?

A single manure belt is installed under the slatted floor and can be rolled around a shaft powered by an electric motor. In this way you can clean the SMB belt once or twice a week as required.

At the end of each production cycle the manure from the scratch area can be scooped on to the running manure belt. After removal of all the manure, the house can be wet cleaned. Keeping the manure belt in the rolled up position makes it possible to easily and quickly clean the surface under the nest and the surface previously hidden by the SMB belt.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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