New tax on Pakistan poultry farms

17-08-2007 | | |

Currently underway are the Karachi Poultry Farms Control and Regulations By-laws 2007. When presented at the city council soon, new tax would be introduced on poultry farms ranging from Rs 5,000 – 15,000 (€61.7 – €185) per year.

According to the draft, existing poultry farms in jurisdiction of City District Government Karachi would have to obtain a licence from the CDGK. Additionally, each new poultry farm would have to get a licence within 30 days from enforcement of these by-laws.
The draft by-laws also state categories of poultry farms: . ‘A category’ represents poultry farms having up to 1000,000 birds and would have to pay Rs 15, 000 per year; B category’ housing up to 50, 000 birds would have to pay Rs 10,000 per year; and, ‘C category’ housing up to 10,000 birds would have to pay Rs 5000 per year.
Arif Bhatti, chairman of the Agriculture Committee CDGK, has said that the by-laws would provide a revenue generation opportunity for the CDGK, as well as seeing that the huge poultry industry would be streamlined and be given assistance from the CDGK when needed.
‘Besides Rs 500 per annum tax on poultry shops, there is no other tax on this industry; hence, there is no question of compensating recent rain-affected poultry farms in metropolis but once they obtained licences we would provide them with such incentives,’ he said. He also added that poultry farms would have to follow rules of not keeping more then 1000 chicken (layer or broiler) in a shed, and each shed be at least 100-ft apart from other.

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