New technology installed at one of UK’s largest broiler farms

06-01-2011 | | |

A Shropshire, UK based enterprise is set to become one of the largest single site Broiler farms in the country and has incorporated a number of hi-tech solutions.

Lower Heath Farm in Whitchurch has installed the latest in communications with a state-of-the-art alarm and communication centre from Rotem. Charles Simpson is the second generation of Simpsons to run the farm, still working with his father Alan in running an operation which will soon see the total number of broiler chickens increased to over half a million.

The latest equipment supplied and installed by agricultural ventilation experts Hydor in a bespoke project are seven Rotem Platinum controllers and the Rotem communicator, the heart of the farm’s new ventilation system, along with all the ventilation, lighting and motors for the farm’s three new broiler sheds.

Connection to the farm can be made via phone lines, ADSL, cellular networks, cable modem and satellite. This allows Simpson to dial in and check the conditions of the sheds from anywhere, whatever the time, with the added peace of mind that a text is sent to his mobile phone should any alarm be activated, thus allowing a speedy intervention to rectify any problem. This has resulted not only in lower mortality rates in the chickens but also energy savings through improved control over temperatures via the Platinum controllers. 

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