New website for Cobb Germany in seven languages

23-04-2008 | | |

A new website providing technical information for Cobb customers in central and eastern Europe in their own language has been launched by Cobb Germany —

The company, which distributes Cobb broiler breeding stock in 20 countries throughout the region, has made the data available in Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Russian.
“Our new website provides direct contact with technical colleagues in their native language,” says Jan Mascheck, marketing project manager of Cobb Germany. “We’ve started with seven languages and will gradually extend this so that one day all our customers will have the opportunity to obtain information in their own language.”
The newly revised Booklet for Broiler Farmers is featured on the website and can be ordered digitally or in a printed form. It provides a guide to growing the Cobb 500 broiler successfully, with particular attention on house preparation, feeding, lighting and ventilation, and includes a check-list which summarises the main points of broiler management. For more information on the booklet, e-mail:
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