Newcastle disease found in turtle doves in Italy

26-03-2012 | | |

In the Arezzo countryside, Newcastle disease has laid low hundreds of turtledoves, and there are fears that it could be spreading.

On the recommendations of animal veterinarians, markets have been closed and vets are urging vaccination of poultry farms to prevent the disease spreading to domestic fowls.
The local health authorities recommend vaccination for poultry farms and poultry and are surveying the countryside to see if there is any sign of further cases. They also recommend that farmers keep caged birds caged and separate from wild fowl.
The mayor of the town of Lucignano has, on the advice of the Arezzo veterinary service, banned the sale of poultry at the weekly market to prevent the unnecessary movement of birds. This ban applies to chickens as well as guineafowl, and a container has been put in place so that residents may dispose of their dead birds. 
The OIE has not yet received an offical notice of the event.