Nicaragua poverty program produces two million eggs

27-03-2012 | | |

About 100,000 Nicaraguan women and their families have benefited from a government program, “Hambre cero” to end hunger, and after five years their total assets amount, among other animal husbandry properties, to two million chicken eggs and 600,000 chickens, Xinhua reports.

The government report “Nicaragua Triumphs” said that in the last five years some 100,000 women have increased their income and improved the diet of their families and communities. The government program provided women with poultry, livestock, seeds, farm implements and materials for building pens.
“In the period May 2007 to December 2011 the government put in the hands of women more than 50,000 cows; 29,000 pigs; 9,800 sheep; 4,000 goats and 600,000 poultry,” the government report said.
The report added that the total assets are estimated to be now around 25 million litres of milk, 140,000 pigs, over two million dozen chicken eggs, and more than 600,000 chickens.
The report also noted that women accumulated more than two million dollars in savings and loans.
The program “Hambre cero” (Zero Hunger) aimed at combating poverty, is organised into 1,411 cores and 225 cooperatives.