Nigeria destroys poultry products

16-07-2012 | | |

Nigeria’s Customs Service in a statement has announced the destruction of 6,000 cartons of assorted poultry products with a duty paid value of NGN 25.2 million (€127,500).

The serice recorded 984 seizures of assorted contraband items in the last four months.

Nigerian customs seized 267 cartons of poultry products valued at NGN 107.21 million  (€541,800) in June, while in May, some 199 cartons of the product worth NGN 100.29 million (€507,300) were also confiscated.

The number of arrested suspected smugglers declined to eight in June down from 38 arrests made in May.

The seizures represent over 50% increase when compared with the number of seizures recorded in the corresponding period last year.

Sources: WorldStage, Leadership 

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