No chicken waste in Caribbean chicken feed

15-09-2011 | | |

The Caribbean Broilers group have put its plans on hold to dispose of unused chicken parts by incorporating it in ingredients for the manufacture of poultry feed following a public outcry.

The company’s main competitor, Jamaica Broilers, reacting to reports that Caribbean Broilers was considering establishing a protein recovery facility that would convert the chicken waste, issued a statement saying that the  company does “not feed chicken to chicken.”

This in turn prompted a reaction from Caribbean Broilers which, in an advertisement in The Gleaner, assured customers “that we have never fed chicken to chicken and will not be doing so.”

Rather, Caribbean Broilers said, the company was currently researching environmentally friendly ways to dispose of unused chicken parts. It said one such method was rendering, “a process by which the parts are superheated, dehydrated and sterilised, resulting in a product which is in demand on the international market.”