Nutreco partners in China for poultry nutrition research

14-04-2011 | | |
Nutreco partners in China for poultry nutrition research

Animal nutrition company, Nutreco is to start a research partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Centre (MAFIC) of China. The MAFIC institute is part of the China Agricultural University in Beijing, which is China’s leading university on animal nutrition.


The new cooperation between Nutreco R&D and MAFIC is the start of a long term research programme on swine and poultry nutrition with researchers from MAFIC and Nutreco R&D working together on several joint projects.

In this way, Nutreco and MAFIC can share nutritional knowledge for mutual benefit. Furthermore, it offers Nutreco additional opportunities to expand its international research network and to conduct highly qualified research. The strategic partnership supports Nutreco’s focus on innovation and the company’s strategy to strengthen its position in emerging markets such as China.

Source: Nutreco