NZ egg producers utilise study to promote eggs

20-01-2012 | | |

The New Zealand egg industry is hoping that recent research, that indicates eggs may help you stay alert, can boost the profile of eggs in the country.

The research from Cambridge University in Britain, published in the journal Neuron in November, found that protein and not sugar activated the cells responsible for keeping people awake and burning calories. Therefore eggs should gain a better image rather than that of being frowned upon by health officials because of their cholesterol content.

The Egg Producers Federation of NZ is seeking to draw attention to the latest findings, which were first made public about two months ago. In a statement today, the federation said researchers “found that going to work on an egg may be sound advice”.

Egg producers executive director Michael Brooks said the federation had thought the information should be publicised, particularly as people were starting to return to work from their holidays.

The latest study followed good findings for the industry in recent years about cholesterol, after research a decade ago had a knock-on effect on the industry.

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