OIE adopts Strategic Plan for animal health and welfare

04-06-2010 | | |

The Delegates of the 176 OIE Members adopted the 5th Strategic Plan, which sets a roadmap for OIE global missions in animal health and welfare over the years 2011-2015.

The Plan sets new fields of action for the organisation: More activities directed to food security, poverty alleviation and animal health and veterinary public health; more focus on the “One Health” concept and other matters of cooperation with partner organisations; the impact of climate and environmental changes on animal disease emergence and occurrence as well as the impact of animal production on climate change.

The Plan also provides for a continuation of priorities emphasized in the previous Plans, in particular the 4th Strategic Plan (2006-2010): communicating international animal disease and zoonoses information globally; development and implementation of scientifically -b ased standards and guidelines; prevention, control and eradication methods of animal diseases including zoonoses; compliance with the Good Governance concepts and capacity building for national Veterinary Services; strengthening the Organisation’s influence on policy design, applied research and governance; communicating OIE information.

For leading the implementation of the new Plan, the World Assembly of Delegates renewed its trust in Dr Bernard Vallat and elected him by secret ballot for a third 5-year mandate as Director General of the OIE.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist