Olmix opts for seaweed production

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Olmix opts for seaweed production

French firm Olmix, a pioneer in algae use for animal nutrition, has decided to produce its own raw materials, as a solution to both the shortage of algaes and the environmental problem of green algaes on the French Brittany coast.

With a patent on Amadeit, a combination of clay and algae, the company is familiar with the processing of seaweed.

“We, in Britanny, are now able to produce raw materials for food, feed and cosmetic but also proteins to replace fish meal in aquafeed” said Olmix CEO, Hervé Balusson speaking at the first Olmix symposium about ‘Algae, the blue revolution for a sustainable chemistry’.

The symposium took place on 10th of September in Pontivy, Brittany and offered a wide range of data about the positive impacts of algae, from immunity boosting to gastronomy and anti-ageing creams.

However as collecting algae can’t meet all the needs, France might take the opportunity to develop its own seaweed farming. Some 3,000 hectares of coast are available for that all around the Brittany peninsula, as shell and fish farming obtained administrative authorisation for 10,000 hectares but only use 7,000.

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