Oman: A’saffa Foods builds on poultry success

12-01-2011 | | |

A’Saffa Foods, a large producer of poultry products in Oman has changed its name from A’Saffa Poultry to A’Saffa Foods to facilitate their plans to diversify and expand their range of Halal food products into new markets.

Their new identity allows them to diversify from poultry products to other brands including introducing “Khayrat” to Oman and the region – a new brand designed to provide consumers with a range of new food products including beef, seafood and vegetables.

The new name has also provided the group with a platform from which they will launch “Table Eggs” in 2011. The project will have the capacity to produce with over 100 million table eggs per annum.

Sidhartha Lenka, Marketing & Sales Manager for A’Saffa foods said “Our new identity has allowed A’Saffa Foods expand our range and to become famous for a range of foods, which until now had been mainly focused on chicken products.”

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