Optifood increases poultry meat production by 23%

15-12-2011 | | |

Optifood, one of the biggest poultry producers in Russia will according to preliminary estimates produce about 78 thousands tons of poultry by the end of 2011, which is 23% higher than during the previous year.

In 2010 the company produced about 60 thousand tons of poultry meat, which was double the level of 2009, said the president of the company Catherine Musienko.

Such growth rates of production in the coming years will be also contributed by a new agreement for the export of poultry meat to the markets of Egypt and the UAE, which was concluded earlier this year. Optifood is currently the only Russian poultry producer that is carrying out mass poultry meat exports to these countries. In 2012 it is planned that approximately 17% of the company’s poultry products will be exported to these two countries.

Since 2005 the company has invested about US $ 109 mln in its poultry production sector. In 2012 the growth is expected to increase further following the commissioning of two new poultry farms in the Rostov region.

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