Orffa introduces Excentials in Indian poultry market

26-04-2011 | | |

Orffa’s Indian subsidiary Orffa Animal Nutrition, held a seminar tour in the Indian market to supply customers with solid scientifical data on heat stress management and at the same time to introduce the Excential product range; Orffa’s exclusive product ranges serviced via daughter company Excentials to markets outside Europe.

On Tuesday 22nd of March the first seminar took place in The Residency Hotel in Coimbatore. Sri Amman Enterprises, distributor for Excentials product range in the Southern provinces (Tamilnadu and Kerala states) co-organised the seminar. In total 50 participants attended the meeting, covering over 90% of the regions’ poultry industry.

Summer poultry management
Prof. Ramasubba Reddy, retired professor from ANGR University of Hyderabad, opened the seminar with a presentation on summer management in poultry. Reddy handled topics of environmental issues, introducing terms as Effective Temperature and Heat Stress Index. After discussing physiological indicators for heat stress, Reddy discussed also on nutritional aspects to prevent or alleviate heat stress. Starting with anion-cation balance, Reddy discussed the effects of several trace minerals and vitamins. A specific attention was given to the usage of betaine during heat stress in broiler chickens.

Betain and butycoat
The second introduction was performed by Arno van der Aa, Business Development Manager at Excentials BV. After a brief company introduction, the mode of action and possible applications of Excential Betain and Excential Butycoat was discussed. Excential Betain has very good applications in alleviating heat stress, as a methyl donor and to support broiler chickens during coccidiosis infection, specifically when ionophoric coccidiostats are being used in the diet. Excential Butycoat is a micro-encapsulated form of sodium butyrate, which has a slow-release effect in the gut. This enables proper functioning in the colon and ceaca, where it acts as an energy source for intestinal cells and provides a solution to reduce Salmonella incidence.

The last speaker was Dr. Sujit Kulkarni, Technical Director at Orffa Animal Nutrition, Orffa’s Indian subsidiary. Dr. Kulkarni shared with the audience two recent trials performed at research institutes based in Pune (IPMT and PDRC). In these trials, Excential Betain showed to be effective in improving production performance when applied on top of a control diet, but was also able to replace different levels of Choline and Methione. In all occasions carcass dress % was increased by betaine.  Economical evalution showed a positive Return on Investment in all three treatments with Excential Betain. In a second trial using Excential Butycoat, increased growth and improved FCR were measured in different dosing strategies. Besides a positive ROI, interesting indications were found that Clostridium infection could be reduced, when Excential Butycoat was applied.

Source: Orffa