Organisations support poultry sector in the face of covid-19

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Farms and poultry companies are taking extra biosecurity measures on top of regular procedures. Photo: Bertil van Beek
Farms and poultry companies are taking extra biosecurity measures on top of regular procedures. Photo: Bertil van Beek

Global poultry and egg organisations are attempting to support their sectors in the face of rapidly changing situations caused by the spread of coronavirus. The International Poultry Council said it was essential that the poultry sector continues to operate, in compliance with staff health and safety requirements.

Robin Horel, IPC president, said: “These are incredibly challenging times for people worldwide. Public health always comes first, guaranteeing a steady supply of nutritional food, including poultry, to consumers worldwide is essential in this situation.” The IPC is closely monitoring and aligning its actions based upon World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) scientific information and advice.

Sanderson Farms has revealed precautions the company is taking in response to the virus:

  • social distancing is taking place,
  • hand sanitising stations have been installed throughout each company location and
  • the company has nurses trained on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocol for Covid-19.

IEC supporting its members

The International Egg Commission said the health, safety and well-being of the global egg community was vitally important in these unprecedented times as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve on a daily basis. It said many of its members had developed resources to support their national industry or business through this time, and the IEC had decided to set up a dedicated area on its website to share these with the wider egg community. It is available to all IEC members and currently includes resources from United Egg Producers, the German Poultry Association, Australian Eggs and the latest OIE and WHO information.

Largest US egg company reacts to covid-19

The largest US egg company Cal-Maine Foods said it has strict sanitation protocols and biosecurity measures in place throughout its operations with restricted access to visitors: “All non-essential corporate travel has been suspended.” The company went on to thank all of its employees and supply chain partners who support its ability to continue to produce and deliver eggs to customers.

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