ORT treatment approved for EU turkeys

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ORT treatment approved for EU turkeys
ORT treatment approved for EU turkeys

ECO Animal Health has received the European approval for the use of Aivlosin 625 mg/g Water Soluble Granules for the treatment of ORT (Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale) in turkeys.

ORT, a bacterial disease, forms an important part of the respiratory disease complex in turkeys and has a serious impact on health and productivity. The disease is transmitted vertically and horizontally. Most clinical outbreaks occur from four weeks of age and beyond in the fattening period. Outbreaks are associated with declining maternal immunity, the stress of movement and the demands of production.

Commercial operations frequently report increased death rates, retarded growth, reduction of feed conversion rates and lameness in older birds. This leads to increasing number of rejects at slaughter, and carcass quality suffers. Use of ineffective medications due to the wrong treatment being selected, adds to the cost.

Aivlosin 625 mg/g Water soluble granules have been shown to be effective with a significant reduction in mortality, recuperation of lost growth, and a great return on investment in a number of trials in the UK, Poland, Belgium and Morocco. The EU approved dosage for the medication of drinking water medication is 25 mg Tylvalosin activity per kg bodyweight daily for five consecutive days. Treatment can be timed to coincide with the risk period on the particular production site, for example medication can be applied in the first five days of life or later on, at the grower stage, when clinical disease emerges in many commercial operations.