Ovostar expands production capacities with new poultry house

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Ovostar Union Group of Companies is gaining momentum and is actively expanding its production capacities. On August, 29 th, 2011 poultry house ? 17 was launched under the reconstruction program for existing production facilities on a Vasylkiv production site.

“Our company’s leading specialists and independent experts were involved in the reconstruction process. The building is fully equipped in accordance with international standards for laying hens, including the modern microclimate , ventilation, automatic watering, feeding and egg collection systems,” said Vitaly Voron, production director of Ovostar Union Group.

On August, 31st, 2011, right after the facility disinfection was completed, the first batch of Hy-Line White 36 chicken was placed in the poultry house #17. Fifteen thousand heads of young laying hens will be transferred every day from the growing laying hens sites in Saltanovka and Nagornaya villages to the new facility. The transfer will be completed by September 15th, 2011.

The new poultry house is fully equipped with the facilities by one of the world’s leading producers – the German company Salmet. The building is 9 m high, 18 m wide, 139 m long. The cages are placed in twelve tiers. The planned capacity of the facility is 309 thousand bird places, which makes it one of the largest not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. In September it is planned to install an automatic egg collection line which will transport eggs from the facility to the sorting plant.

Source: Ovostar

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