Pakistan poultry prices rice extortionately

18-12-2012 | | |
Pakistan poultry prices rice extortionately
Pakistan poultry prices rice extortionately

Poultry prices in Pakistan have seen a 30-40% increase in wholesale and retail markets in the last couple of days, according to a survey conducted by Business Recorder.

Non-availability of sufficient stock in the markets has been cited as a reason for the sharp increase in prices of chicken and eggs . The dealers and local district administration had unanimously fixed rates of poultry with minimum rates in the  wake of surplus stock of chicken in the markets six months ago. Peshawar High Court also took a suo motu notice against the high prices of chicken in market and imposed a  ban on the export of poultry products and cattle to Afghanistan.

As dealers have been compelled to sale chicken at prices fixed by the district administration for the last three to four months, 50% of the country’s poultry farms have been closed down due to growing financial losses to owners.

There is also the  fear that the prices will be increased further as farm owners try to recover from the  huge losses from the last several months in wake of lower prices of chicken.