Pakistani poultry industry to embrace modernisation

01-10-2014 | | |
Pakistani poultry industry to embrace modernisation

The majority of small- and medium-scale Pakistani industries remain tied to traditional methodology and that includes the poultry sector but a turnaround could be expected.

Sticking to old practices has hindered the growth and prospects of many industries. Poultry growing, for example, has existed in Pakistan for 52 years, but has not been able to attract the kind of investment it could have based on its potential, The Express Tribune writes.

Seasonal losses, lack of legislation, import duties and sales tax are issues that remain as core issues. However, adopting the latest technology – moving from traditional open farms to modern environment-controlled sheds – and the induction of skilled labour are factors that can be altered.

During a poultry exhibition which was recently held in Lahore, the main focus was on education and encouraging investors of traditional open farms to adopt modern technology. Over 120 companies, 65% of which were multinationals, displayed solutions in the field of modern farming.

“Poultry is the only organised sector in Pakistan,” said Pakistan Poultry Association Chairman Raza Mehmood Khursand. “It fulfills 40% protein requirement of the population, while maintaining balance with other proteins such as mutton and beef. Chicken prices are economical and are used by every income segment of the society.”

Currently, around 6,500 environmentally-controlled sheds are now operational in Pakistan out of a total of 25,000 poultry farms. The current investment in this sector amounts to Rs700 billion, while its share in national GDP is 1.3%, generating direct and indirect employment for 1.5 million people.

Source: The Express Tribune