Paraguayan poultry producers to receive EU support

21-11-2013 | | |
Paraguayan poultry producers to receive EU support
Paraguayan poultry producers to receive EU support

Paraguay has signed a series of contracts for the development of the production of poultry, pigs and eggs between the Ministry of Agriculture of Paraguay, the European Union and various public and private entities.

The activity was held in conjunction with the agreement “Support to the economic integration of the rural sector in Paraguay”, which is funded by the European Union (EU).

Agriculture Minister, Jorge Gattini, gave thanks to the EU for establishing this agreement and he expects “more support” from the conglomerate of European countries. He noted that this is an example of what the Paraguayan government intends to do with the Public Private Partnership (APP acronym in Spanish). “It is the integration of production chains to promote from primary production to industry, and then will proceed to export.”

Likewise, Gattini emphasised the need to ensure “the safety of the products” and he highlighted the contribution of European technicians who gave training to producers in different parts of the country.

Claudio Leoni of the Poultry Producers Association (APPP) predicted a big future for poultry production. He added, “here we have all the conditions to develop optimum poultry production, good planting of soybeans and corn (major inputs), good water, electricity and we are training people.”

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