Pas Reform granted exclusive use of Microban in hatcheries

14-05-2012 | | |

Microban antibacterial technology is finding new applications in the hatchery sector, through an agreement that gives Dutch hatchery technology company, Pas Reform, sole use worldwide.

Well-established as an innovator of incubation technologies, Pas Reform has incorporated Microban into the polymer used to manufacture setter trays, hatcher baskets and other hygiene-critical hatchery consumables.

“Pas Reform’s use of Microban technology represents an important development in minimising contamination by bacteria and pathogens in hatcheries”, explains Gerd de Lange, Senior Poultry Specialist of Pas Reform. “Millions of hatching eggs are transferred every day, between breeder farms and hatcheries. From the hatchery, day-old chicks are then transferred in their millions, to multiple points of delivery in the poultry chain.

“The constant flow of eggs and chicks in hatcheries can, without proper hygiene practices, increase the potential for cross contamination and bacteria transfer during transportation. Improving the hygiene throughout this process is an absolute priority” explained De Lange.

Optimising the hatchery’s hygiene status is fundamental to good incubation. Bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes, so that within just seven hours, every bacterium can multiply into more than a million organisms. While disinfection is effective in the short term, it does not prevent the re-growth of micro-organisms once the surface dries and the disinfectant has evaporated.

By incorporating Microban technology into hatchery consumables such as setter trays and hatcher baskets, Pas Reform has created a unique and highly effective means of combating cross-contamination in modern hatcheries. Contact with the Microban treated polymer fatally disrupts the biological function of bacteria, to provide continuous protection between wash cycles.

Following the success of Pas Reform’s Microban-treated setter trays and hatcher baskets, the antibacterial technology will be incorporated in an extended range of consumables and into new applications in Pas Reform’s hatchery planning, design and installation services portfolio, such as hatchery flooring and joint sealants.

Source: Pas Reform