Pas Reform’s Smart new logistics centre

11-09-2009 | | |

Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies has commissioned a new 4,500 sq.m purpose-built logistics centre to serve the company’s expanding worldwide customer-base.

The new facility will be located at Doetinchem, less than 8 km from the company’s headquarters in Zeddam, the Netherlands, and ideally situated for excellent access to major trunk routes, says CEO Bart Aangenendt.

Pas Reform has experienced unprecedented growth since the launch of our Smart single-stage hatchery technologies,” he says. “The new building will complement existing facilities – and must also be smart enough to support 24 hour global ordering systems and communications for customers anywhere in the world, both today and in the future.”

To deliver robust global communications, Pas Reform has also upgraded its ICT platform, migrating to Microsoft® Dynamics for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that integrate fully with Microsoft® Office applications.

The company has commissioned Delft-based architects Cepezed, winners of the BNA Cube from the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects in 2008, to design the new facility.

“Cepezed fuse functionality and innovation with outstanding process control and sustainability: qualities that will further enhance [Pas Reform’s] ability to deliver increased operating efficiencies for customers in more than 60 countries,” says Wouter Heideman, Operations Manager, Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies.

The Doetinchem Assembly and Logistics Centre has been designed to offer flexible loading, unloading, storage and workspace. Standing 10 m high, the new facility will employ new ‘reach-trucks’ to optimise storage. Flexible loading bays will feature dock levelers, to allow access and ease of loading/unloading for trucks and containers of all sizes.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist