People: Hybrid Turkeys appoints production manager in Europe

22-03-2012 | | |
People: Hybrid Turkeys appoints production manager in Europe

Samuel Alain has been appointed production manager of Hybrid Turkeys SAS, France. This appointment has been made in support of Hybrid Turkeys’ strong position in Europe.

With over ten years experience in both turkey and broiler parent stock and hatchery production, Alain will oversee all aspects of the Hybrid Turkeys Grand Parent Farms and Hatchery in France. He will be supported by the Hybrid Canada Operations Group.

“Mr. Alain’s managerial and technical expertise will be essential as Hybrid begins production on 17 dedicated Grand Parent Farms,” states Ron Slavnik, managing director, Hybrid Turkeys Europe. “These farms and hatchery, located near Angers, France, will be fully operational in mid 2012 and will provide European based production for our valued clients with the same exacting standards as the overall Hybrid Turkeys system.”

As part of the Hendrix Genetics group of companies, Hybrid Turkeys is a primary breeder of turkeys based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The company produces high quality eggs and poults for parent stock customers around the world. Hybrid Turkeys has approximately 250 employees working in various locations across Canada, the USA and France.

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