Peruvian ministry recognises poultry litter development

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Peruvian ministry recognises poultry litter development
Peruvian ministry recognises poultry litter development

Peruvian layer company, Avícola JB has been recognised by the Ministry of Environment for demonstrating environmental practices in poultry litter fermentation.

The Ministry’s National Environmental Award – Antonio Brack Egg 2015, recognises different sectors of society that demonstrate their interest in favour of the environment through environmental practices. This year, in the category eco-efficiency, the award went to Avícola JB for its project, ‘Reduction of methane release through composting’.

Added value to poultry litter

Led by engineer Estuardo Jara Benites, manager of the company, the project consists of giving an added value to the raw hen manure (poultry litter), reducing the environmental damage in contrast to other processes.

To do this, Avícola JB implemented an innovative process by investing in a composting machine from Japanese maunfacturer Kohshin, which works with the method of fermentation.

Organic soil enhancer

The machine has mixing palettes working for 5 weeks on a road of 140 meters at elevated temperatures up to 70°C, obtaining an uniform and small particle size of composted litter, without virus or unnecessary seeds. Finally, this product is used as an organic source of plant nutrients and soil enhancer.

With sales in the city of Trujillo, Tumbes, Piura and Lima, Avícola JB’s main activity is the production and commercialization of eggs, using advanced technology, protecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development of our customers, employees, business and society.

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects
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