Pfizer awarded damages against Breuil

22-03-2007 | | |

Pfizer Inc announced that the US District Court (North Carolina) has awarded Embrex, part of Pfizer Animal Health, US$1,074,993.94 for damages caused by the infringement of two of its US patents by Breuil S.A. and New Tech Solutions, Inc.

The patents cover a method for distinguishing live from dead or infertile poultry eggs using pulsed light methodology and then taking that information and selectively injecting only eggs identified as suitable for inoculation. The court also issued a permanent injunction against Breuil (Landivisiau, France) and New Tech Solutions (Gainsville, GA, US) to prevent any further infringement.
Embrex, Inc., a Pfizer subsidiary, is an international agricultural biotechnology company engaged in the development of innovative in ovo (in the egg) solutions that meet the needs of today’s global poultry industry.
The company’s unique integration of several scientific and engineering disciplines enables it to be the leading provider of in ovo, value-added solutions with its automated injection device known as the Inovoject® system and detection devices as well as its select vaccines.

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