Pfizer Poultry Health broadens portfolio with Alpharma acquisition

23-03-2012 | | |

Pfizer Poultry Health has introduced a broader, diversified portfolio of products and services with the acquisition of Alpharma as part of Pfizer’s acquisition of King Pharmaceuticals.

With the acquisition of Alpharma, Pfizer Poultry Health now offers a wide portfolio of products and services on par with is role as a global poultry healthcare provider.
With this acquisition, Pfizer Poultry Health gains a portfolio of medicated feed additives, water-soluble therapeutics and probiotics and enters the poultry nutrition sector. These products complement Pfizer’s existing range of biologicals, pharmaceuticals and devices.
 Pfizer hopes that the research and development platform it has established, integrated with Alpharma’s strong research history, will lead to further advances in poultry health management for poultry producers worldwide.