Phase II agreement of AIMCO layer hatchery

14-04-2008 | | |

HatchTech Incubation Technology and the Saudi Arabian AIMCO (Arabian Integral Ministration Company) have signed an agreement for the extension of the Al Bayed Layer Hatchery.

Ibrahim Ali Al Thonayan: “Within our company we strive for perfection. Producing a perfect layer starts with excellent incubation. Incubation is the basis for uniform batches, showing satisfying FCR figures and growth rates. We strongly believe that HatchTech has the technology, knowledge and service to deliver quality!”
Woltring, International Sales Manager: “Within a period of 2 years time, AIMCO realied a doubling of their production capacity. Due to the production of maximum developed chicks in one of the most modern hatcheries in the Arab world and the professionalism of AIMCO’s organisation success is guaranteed. We are proud to work with Arabian Integral Ministration Company”.