Philippine Inoza to build large poultry complex

26-04-2010 | | |

Newly-formed Inoza Development Corp in the Philippines, sister company of Bounty Fresh Foods, one of the largest poultry producers in the country, is investing a combined P583.9 mln (€9.93 mln) for 2 integrated poultry projects.

In the first phase a toll hatching plant for broiler (chicken) is to be built in Barangay Pada-pada, Gerona. The following stage will be a broiler grower facility in Barrio San Pedro, Bamban, Tarlac.

Inoza’s toll hatching and broiler chicken production will cater exclusively to Bounty Fresh Foods, also one of the biggest suppliers of fresh chicken to various local institutional food and restaurant companies as well as leading supermarkets.
Inoza’s proposed hatchery facility will employ a single-stage incubation system instead of the traditional multi-stage incubation. It will be made up of 20 state-of-the-art setting machines with a capacity of hatching 115,200 each or 2.3 mln eggs for one hatching cycle of 21 days, or up to 40 mln day-old-chicks annually.
The first project, reported to commence operation in January 2011, is a P231-mln (€3.9 mln) facility and is expected to employ 57 personnel. The second, costing P352.5 mln (€6 mln), will employ 25 personnel when commercial operation starts in February 2011.

6.3 million broilers

The second Inoza project, the broiler growing facility, will be dubbed as the “Blueberry Farm” since the firm claims it will be one of the most cutting edge facilities of its kind. It will be made up of 20 buildings each with a capacity of producing 45,000 broilers/building/growing cycle of just 30-32 days or up to 6.3 mln heads annually.
It will also be fully mechanical and computerized wherein the broiler chicks are expected to grow faster than the traditional open-sided growing of broiler chicks of 45 days.

The capacity per sq. m. would be doubled from the usual average of 10 to 20 heads and it will make use of cool cell technologies to control the temperature inside the buildings.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist