Philippines’ Aquino addresses domestic poultry issues

24-04-2012 | | |

The stunted growth of poultry and other industries in the Philippines, along with issues of unfair completion surrounding the illegal imports of meat and meat products has prompted Department of Agriculture to schedule meetings with industry leaders.

The meetings will take place in the coming weeks, the Philippine Information Agency reports.
In a speech read at a recent pork convention by Secretary Alcala, President Aquino highlighted some of the most significant policies and initiatives that were crafted to further prop up the livestock industry, including initiatives to build a new AAA service poultry dressing plant in Luzon, as well as instituting a meat quality accreditation system, in tandem with upgrading national animal diagnostic laboratories.
In addition, new rules to strengthen the country’s food control system to assure high quality and hygiene will be introduced. There are also ongoing negotiations to export frozen chicken to South Korea.
The president further assured the industry that he has directed the agriculture department and associated livestock agencies to implement policies and provide support to further develop and strengthen the country’s poultry industry, with the aim of making it globally competitive.

Source: PIA

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