Philippines: Environmental rules raise costs

17-06-2009 | | |

Poultry and egg prices in the Philippines may increase following the imposition of new requirements from by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

In a meeting with DENR officials last week, poultry stakeholders led by United Broilers and Raisers Association president Gregorio San Diego Jr. and lawyer Bong Inciong, raised their concerns over new requirements for permits and clearances imposed by the agency.
Some of the new requirements for securing permits and clearances for poultry and egg growers include the installation of septic tanks, changes in local government unit zoning ordinances, environment -related studies, and stand-by generator inspections.
The DENR’s Environmental Management Bureau had reportedly told the poultry and egg stakeholders that securing an Environmental Clearance Certificate should not be an expensive undertaking that would require costly studies.
The requirements would merely mean fulfilling a checklist already posted on the internet and readily accessible to the public.
Poultry and egg growers said the new DENR requirements would raise their operational costs and have sought the help of the Department of Agriculture to help them deal with the new DENR impositions.

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