Philippines poultry export potential increased by bird flu outbreaks

08-09-2011 | | |

The Philippines is eyeing China and Vietnam as potential poultry export markets after a new bird flu strain reportedly affected these two countries’ poultry industry.

“We can tap China and Vietnam as possible markets for our exportable chicken since they cannot rely on their own production anymore,” Agriculture Assistant Secretary Salvador Salacup said during the opening of the Food and Drinks Asia 2011 event at the World Trade Center.

The Philippines is now 93% sufficient in poultry production, Salacup stated in his presentation. The Department of Health is monitoring the situation in China and Vietnam and clarified that the Philippines does not import chicken from China and Vietnam. The government also has a standing ban on Vietnamese poultry.

“Our country remains free from bird flu. We don’t want to compromise our industry and the safety of our people by allowing the entry of bird-flu infected chicken. The Philippines is the only country in Asia where neighbouring nations may safely import their chicken requirement,” Salacup said.

Source: GMA News