Pilgrim’s Pride cut 85 jobs in Chattanooga, Tennessee

25-05-2012 | | |

Pilgrim’s Pride is cutting 85 jobs in its Chattanooga poultry processing plants and said more may come, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports.

Pilgrim’s Pride announced it was  streamlining operations at its two downtown Chattanooga plants and boosting productivity at other plants.

In 2011, Pilgrim’s Pride employed 1,500 people in Chattanooga.

Tennessee is not a state with a strong poultry production, in comparison to neighbouring states. The rise in poultry diseases has made it an attractive place for poultry producers, where they are able to spread out, discouraging those diseases that spread due to closer proximity.

Pilgrim’s Pride is in the process of evaluating additional job cuts and will make further announcements

Source: Times Free Press