Plumex opens new logistics centre

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Plumex opens new logitics centre
Plumex opens new logitics centre

By cutting the ribbon, hatching egg and day old chick exporter Plumex from the Netherlands officially opened their new state of the art logistics centre near the village of Goor, on Friday, June 20th.

Customers, suppliers and many other guests were all present at the new premises of the company, which is considered to be the biggest exporter of hatching eggs and day old chicks in the Netherlands.

Plumex was founded in 1976 by Jacques de Lange. In the mid-eighties, De Lange sold his shares and became responsible for a large poultry integration in Germany. In 2007 he bought the shares back however, together with Rik Verweij who had wide experience in the animal husbandry, primarily outside Europe. From January 2008, Jacques de Lange became president and CEO of Plumex again. In the past years, the company has grown considerably, making a new logistics centre necessary. “Despite the fact that large integrations around the world nowadays raise their own breeding stock, there’s still a considerable demand for eggs and day old chicks from selected, highly productive breeder flocks in the Netherlands,” says De Lange. “We see a continuous shift in demand from new areas and countries outside the EU. We deliver our products all over the world. Basically, we supply broiler hatching eggs. But if customers wish to buy day old chicks, we can also serve them. For that reason, we have close contacts with the major commercial hatcheries of both broiler and layer breeds in our country. We supply genetic material of all the major brands in the market place. Apart from chicken, we also deliver turkey and duck eggs, poults and ducklings.”

Growing consumption

During the opening ceremony, former researcher and WPSA president Dr Piet Simons, addressed the audience by giving an overview of the history and prediction of the world’s poultry consumption. “In 1950, annual poultry meat consumption was 1.5 kg per capita,” Simons said. “Nowadays, it is 15 kgs, ten times as much. One third of the global meat consumption is poultry. It is forecast that in the upcoming 25 years, global production will double from the current volume.”

Piet Simons conducted the official opening handling, by moving a full pallet on a vehicle with egg boxes, through the ribbon.

Distances unimportant

The forecast of a growing global poultry meat consumption, was the confidence for Plumex to invest in the future and build their new logistics centre. Their premises are located in the central, Eastern part of the country, nearby the border with Germany and along the A1 motorway which runs from Dutch capital Amsterdam deep into Russia.

“We must understand that country roads nowadays are much better than in the past,” says Jacques de Lange. “Distances are unimportant. This enables us to deliver eggs on a truck, even to countries like Iraq nowadays. That saves on transport expenses, safeguards on quality of our products and allows us to have direct contact with our customers. Of course we also use air shipping and for that reason our new premises are also strategically positioned and within reach of the major airports of Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Brussels.

Altogether our predictions and expectations are positive, giving us the confidence to build this new and modern logistics centre. Plumex is ready for the future.”

Ad Bal Freelance journalist