‘Poland poultry performance looking good’

30-10-2012 | | |
Poland poultry performance looking good
Poland poultry performance looking good

More than 180 breeder and broiler farmers, veterinarians and nutrition specialists took part in a recent symposium organised by Cobb Germany at Havet, a leading seaside resort in Poland.

Leo von Drechsel, general manager of Cobb Germany and Wimex, said that Polish people should be proud living in a country that is becoming each year more important in the European poultry business.

James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, spoke about importance of a ‘tailor made’ approach to poultry management, especially with significant shortage of feed raw materials and dramatic increases in commodity prices.

“Poland looks good among European countries for its breeder and broiler performance,” he said.  “Yet there is always room for fine tuning with all our speakers pointing to important details in hatching eggs, breeder and broiler management and nutrition to achieve higher profitability.”

The guest speakers  – hatchery specialist Dr Ron Meijerhof, veterinarian Dr Matthias Todte, and broiler and breeder specialist Paul Welten – focused on effective management in each segment of poultry production.  Dr Tony Marangos, nutrition expert, spoke about feeding strategies for Cobb 500.

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