Potential poultry shortage in Bahrain

22-02-2007 | | |

The Delmon Poultry Company’s workers have threatened to strike indefinitely if their pay demands are not met. This means Bahrain could face an acute shortage if the strike goes ahead.

Employee Union vice-chairman, Abdul Hadi Mirza said the strike would halt the slaughter of around 18,000 chickens every day, but would also shut down the company hatchery and its feed plant, located within the same premises in Hamala. He added, “We have failed in convincing the management that they should accept our legitimate demands and we have now no choice but to resort to this legal industrial action.”
Should the employees proceed with striking, the country would be virtually starved of fresh chicken, since Delmon supplies nearly 40% of stock to the market every day. Management officials were unavailable for comment.

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