Poultry boosts Brazil’s growth rate as food exporter

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Poultry boosts Brazil’s growth rate as food exporter

Brazil’s processed food exports are showing the fastest rate of growth among the world’s major food producers.

The fifth largest international exporter, Brazil registered an increase in the sales of these products to foreign countries of 4.8% per annum for the period 2005 to 2010. According to the GTIS (Global Trade International System) the other four producers ranked above it showed weaker growth for the same period: the US – 12%, the Netherlands – 7.7%, France – 5.6% and Germany – 8.2%.

Largest chicken exporter
The largest exporter of chicken in the world, Brazil is also its 3rd largest producer, with a total of 12 million tons. In 2010, more than 3.8 million tons were exported to 150 countries, representing a 42% share of the global market. Chicken is currently the 5th ranked product of Brazil’s exports, beaten only by iron ore, petroleum, soy and sugar.

Export volumes increased in the first half of 2011. From January to July, chicken exports reached 2.239 million tons, a growth of 3.4% compared to the same period last year. Revenues have increased even more, with the first six months of the year accounting for US$ 4.669 billion, compared to US$ 3.756 billion for the same period in 2010.

As regards the kinds of products exported, chicken cuts – the main kind – accounted for 1.182 million tons for the first half of the year, whilst sales of industrialised chicken exports amounted to 106.5 thousand tons.

Poultry sanitation record
The gap between Brazil and the US, the second largest exporter of chicken in the world, is significant. This has been achieved thanks to the quality, cleanliness and sustainability of Brazil’s chicken production combined with its competitive pricing. The country’s chicken production boasts one of the best sanitation records in the business, and is the only main producer/exporter to have no recorded cases of bird flu.

Brazil’s main players in the poultry industry will be present at the 2011 edition of ANUGA (to be held in Cologne in October), including Copacol, Aurora Alimentos and Frinal, to showcase stand out products. Copacol will be launching products aimed at end consumers as well as supermarket chains.

Source: Apex-Brasil