Poultry importers in Ghana demand reduced taxes

09-12-2011 | | |

Ghanaian poultry product importers have called on the local Government to reduce taxes on imported frozen poultry products to avoid automatic increases in the cost of the products.

Group spokesperson, Charles Essien told a press conference in Accra that taxes imposed on imported poultry products should be moderate since the incidence of taxation was automatically transferred to the final consumer, worsening the plight of low income earners, who form the majority of the Ghanaian population.

“The country’s population is growing at a faster pace and the nutritional needs of the citizens are increasing,” said Essien. “Unfortunately, the local poultry farmers are unable to meet demands while the sea and other water bodies contain low fish stock, therefore, frozen imported poultry product augments the nutritional needs of the people on the market.’’

Essien also stated that due to the highly perishable nature of imported poultry products, they require prompt but special attention and called on importers of frozen poultry products to come together to form an association to promote their interest.

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