Poultry lighting firm secures funding

03-03-2011 | | |

Twin Cities Angels has announced the closing of investments in Once Innovations, a US based LED technology development company specialised in poultry lighting.

Since 2006, the TCA has provided members with opportunities to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage technology companies.

“We are very pleased to secure funding from the Twin Cities Angels,” said Zdenko Grajcar, CEO of Once. “It’s a testament to our innovative technologies and a recognition that we’re poised for rapid growth in our efforts to expand licensing of our technologies to the general illumination market as well as to increase our direct sales of products to agricultural markets.”

Once manufacturers LED lighting designed specifically for the poultry market. Its line of AgriShift® LED poultry lights are energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional lighting used in the poultry industry. Additionally, the light output from AgriShift® lamps mimics the spectral sensitivity of poultry and is fully dimmable with color shifting technologies. These features help enhance flock performance that can lead to more profits for producers.

Grajcar further indicated that the relationship with the TCA would be an advantage in expanding market penetration and an aid in ongoing research and development. 

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