Poultry processor redesigns oil sac cutter

09-02-2011 | | |

Cantrell, a poultry processing equipment sales and service company, has redesigned its Oil Sac Cutter to run at higher line speeds and to lower maintenance costs.

The OSC-1300 Oil Sac Cutter has been redesigned using less corrosive components and equipping the main chain with replacement components which allow customers to purchase components instead of the complete chain assembly which lowers maintenance costs. The overhead drive mechanism was built for ease of adjustment, less wear on components and as always, with safety in mind.

The OSC-1300 can run on higher line speeds, processing birds on 6, 8, and 9-inch centers at speeds up to 9,000 birds per hour. The unit is powered from the overhead conveyor, can be adapted to a number of conveyor types.

The Cantrell Oil Sac Cutter removes the oil gland from the tail of the chickens as they move along the processing line. The Oil Sac Cutter takes control of the bird with an in-feed chain and guiding the tail into a pinch point where the oil gland is forced into the opening of a V-shaped blade. As the tail is forced across the V-notch, the oil gland is pinched and cut away from the tail.

Source: Cantrell

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