Presentation on “Influences of brooding on field performance” at IPE

27-12-2010 | | |

During upcoming IPE in Atlanta, USA, HatchTech will display a full sized version of its new Hatchbrood system. Dr. Donna Hill will explain the advantages of this system during the Tech Exchange Congress.

Hatchbrood is designed to control the environment during the early brooding period. The optimum uniform early brooding environment provides improved field performance, such as higher body weights, lower mortality and improved uniformity. Moreover, the energy usuage is decreased substantially, lowering energy expenses and decreasing CO2 emission.

During the Tech Exchange Congress, Dr. Donna Hill will present “The influences of brooding on field performance”.  The presentation will be held on Wednesday, 14.35 hrs, at the Tech Xchange theatre, Hall A, booth 2835.

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