Price gap for Christmas turkeys ‘not as big as many think’

25-11-2011 | | |

Consumers shopping for Christmas turkeys should not be confused by the wide discrepancy in prices for different types of bird, says Paul Kelly, managing director of Kelly Turkeys.

Traditionally reared turkeys sell at a premium but the difference in the actual cost of the meat is a lot less than most consumers realise, he said in his annual newsletter for retailers.

“Our slow growing, mature KellyBronze turkeys, for instance, have up to 30% more breast meat than a wet processed, large breed killed at a very young age.

“This means that £ for kg of meat, the price gap is not nearly as big – and we need to get this message across to our retail customers.”

With the higher cost of feed and energy this year, Kelly Turkeys’ prices are up by 7%. Kelly adds:  “While our rise is not as much as lamb and beef, I do realise it will not be welcomed.  Unfortunately, our artisan methods of production do not lend themselves to reducing cost through volume and automation.”

Source: Kelly Turkeys

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