Prinzen launches new egg packer

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Prinzen launches new egg packer

Dutch manufacturer of egg handling and packing equipment, Prinzen, has introduced its new farm packer: Smartpack.

The Smartpack is designed for efficient on-farm packing of consumption eggs on 30-cell trays. Ease of use and perfect handling of the eggs have been given top priority with development of the Smartpack. Offering an effective operating capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour, eggs are packed points down corrected and with highest care.

The clear overview of the Smartpack ensures full egg control and an ergonomic workplace. The smart operating panel increases user friendliness. Just like all the machines from Prinzen, the Smartpack is made from robust and durable materials. Special attention is given to the hygienic design of the egg packer. Vital parts are easy accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Optional to the Smartpack are the PS4 tray stacker, egg coding and egg inspection equipment. Various tray conveyor belting and curves offer a compact machine configuration that fits in the egg collection room. Even further automation is possible with automatic pallet loading.

With the introduction of the Smartpack, Prinzen completes their product range of farm packers, designed for table egg packing. With at the high end of the range the Prinzen Timeline, a Speedpack-Palletloader combination, with a capacity of up to 80,000 eggs per hour.

Source: Prinzen

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