Prinzen Ovoset ready for market

08-05-2012 | | |
Prinzen Ovoset ready for market

The Prinzen Ovoset is an affordable solution for setting hatching eggs onto setter trays by a machine.

The incoming flow of eggs is carefully aligned and positioned points down. The setter trays are manually positioned by the operator, where the Ovoset will automatically and gently place the eggs onto the tray. The manual handling of setter trays, in combination with the automatic points down setting, creates the efficiency.

An accurate points down setting of hatching eggs onto setter trays, can provide high returns for hatcheries, by means of improved hatchability and chick quality. Every 1% of wrongly (point up) placed hatching eggs reduces the output of viable chicks with 0.2%. The Ovoset uses the Prinzen egg points down principle, which assures a proven points down setting of 99.7%.

Capacity of the Ovoset is 20,000 hatching eggs per hour, depending on the tray type applied and egg quality. The machine can be integrated for egg collection on-farm, as well as for incoming egg handling in moderate capacity hatcheries. Its compact design creates maximum flexibility in the egg handling room. Optional to the Ovoset, Elgra3 egg grading, coding, UV-disinfection and a candling unit are available.

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