Prinzen re-launches website

26-07-2010 | | |

Prinzen has re-launched their website. The new site has a fresh design and a layout, which the company believes makes it easier to use.

This website is a platform where poultry companies can find everything about the complete solutions Prinzen has to offer for egg handling equipment.

The website is separated in two sections, namely handling hatching eggs, and handling table eggs.

Handling hatching eggs

This sections is called Setter Line. The Prinzen Setter Line offers the perfect setting for hatching eggs, in a hatchery as well as on farm. The main advantages of the Setter Line are: optimal egg handling; effective 99.7% point down setting; increased hatchability from day one; and reduced labour dependency.

Handling table eggs

This is the Packing Line. The Packing Line provides efficient care for table eggs. The most valuable features the Packing Line has to offer are: optimal care of table eggs; efficiency and speed in egg handling; labour savings in egg collection.