Prinzen TimeLine with new Pallet Loader on video

10-05-2011 | | |
Prinzen TimeLine with new Pallet Loader on video

Prinzen recently produced a new video of the TimeLine, with their new Pallet Loader. The TimeLine is a tuned processing line for on-farm packing of consumer eggs.

By combining the fast egg packing machine, tray stacker and pallet loader, the packing line achieves a speed of 11,11 eggs per second, resulting in 4 pallets per hour. During the whole process the eggs are handled carefully, a process which flows quickly and precisely. The TimeLine is a complete package. As the system consists of individual components, linked by a flexible range of tray conveyor systems, various lay-outs can be created at the smallest possible footprint, to accommodate the TimeLine in most situations.

The new video is recorded at a farm in the Netherlands. With the farm specific lay-out, the farmer has a good overview over the Speedpack, tray stacker and Pallet Loader. The Pallet Loader is fully automatic and has two pallet loading places. The modular design of the loader allows a flexible positioning of pallet- and divider places, adaptable to the farm situation. In the video, details of the different transfer points give a realistic view of how eggs move through the processing line.

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